The 2023 Astro Collection

The 2023 Astro Collection


Our creative process starts with a story. Before any artwork is ever created, a mini storyline is written and then brought to life.

Our artists are creators and writers. The Astro Collection started with the imagination of our team and their love for space exploration.

Earth Animals on a space mission to explore the galaxy. Eagle Astro, the Captain of the crew. Under his piercing glare, no detail is left unturned. The loyalties of Enforcers Tiger Astro and Lion Astro run deep. Their fierce protective nature knows no bound. Joyful and down to earth, Dog Astro can win anyone over with a smile. The intelligent Ape Astro can solve any problem and with the adorable yet timid Rabbit Astro at his side, no problem is too big. The often reclusive Cat Astro and second in command, may seem arrogant, but it’s her spunky nature that keeps the crew in line. 

Explore the products we’ve dreamed up for each Astro crew member in either high quality metal wall art or wear your favorite Astro on our comfy, stylish apparel. 



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